Every Game Developers Dream

The only all-in-one 135 ACE SDK is optimized for cross-platform realtime games (simultaneously across Android & iOS), provides instant gratification to the users (rewards) and offers cutting edge monetization avenues for developers (in-game advertising, m-commerce, etc.).

Endless Social Features

135 Tech Labs' 135 ACE SDK has the most powerful suite of social features such as Facebook Integration, leader-boards, achievements, chat and feedback for the users providing an ultimate social gaming experience. The SDK also offers single-sign-on for developers across multiple game development activities.

Rewards Engine

The 135 ACE SDK's Rewards Engine will connect your gamers to thousands of rewards from our brand partners.

Simply plug in your achievement thresholds and our algorithm will do the work of delivering the best rewards to your users.

The whole process is seamless, simple and unobtrusive. Your users will love you for it.

Improved Monetization

Let the 135 ACE SDK turn your game into a money spinner for you.

Our in-gaming advertising network has an ideal way of reaching the target group, enabling you to open up m-commerce through YOUR game.

No more obtrusive ads, the in-game advertisement engine does all the work of connecting your gamers with their favourite brands, while you sit back, relax and EARN.


Stats @ your fingertips : The Dash board provides you the perfect statistics for following your Daily Active Users (DAU), Monthly Active Users (MAU) and Weekly Active Users(WAU) and other important user metrics.

Retention rate : Observe and study your retention rates and try to improve them by implementing minor changes in the game.

Demographics : Know your gamers and what they like. By knowing who plays your game you can strengthen your marketing and dramatically increase its effectiveness.