Who We Are

At 135 Tech Labs we strive on the simple philosophy of making "products" which GIVE JOY to its users.

Why 135 Tech Labs

135 is a Harshad number. Harshad comes from Sanskrit: harsa (joy) + da (give) meaning Joy-Giver.

What Do We Do

135 Tech Labs is focused on designing and developing mobile software platforms and applications. The unique platforms embody the developer community’s creativity in bringing the Businesses and their Customers one step closer and keeping them always connected. Products built using the platforms scale globally without losing the human element, or the capability to enjoin location-specific characteristics.

Our Mission

To create products aimed at “Giving Joy” for its users by imbibing three main principles - ease of use, fun and bringing out the wow quotient.

Our Vision

To be the best integrated and scalable mobile platform that combines fun, information and instant recognition in one simple & stunning experience to its users.


A talented team of creative minds, all poised to make a difference in the life of their customers.